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As Dr. Evil, of Austin Powers fame would say, “the details of my life are quite in-con-se-quen-tial,” but people seem to need to know something about someone who presumes to tell them how to “think”, which is fair. So here it goes.



I was born on December 2nd, 1960 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Osage County. I had one, younger brother, Kevin, who passed away in 1997 at the age of 33. My parents are Daryl and Velva Bond of Yukon, Oklahoma. They both grew up on farms in southwestern Oklahoma before moving away to start a family and begin their careers in the late 1950’s. My early life was characterized by frequent moves, as my father was employed in highway construction and our family followed this work. This was the period in our country when the Interstate Highway System was being built. We lived in various towns in Oklahoma including Pawhuska, Marietta, Henryetta, Muskogee, Chickasha, Ada, Oklahoma City, Okarche, and finally Yukon, where we settled for good in 1968.



I attended Yukon schools from 1968 until graduation in 1979. In high school I was involved primarily in debate and speech, and worked on the technical side in the drama department. In 1980, I attended The Institute of Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University. The practical portion of this program was an internship in Congressman Mickey Edwards’s office. This was the summer I learned that Congress worked pretty much like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington except it didn’t have any Jimmy Stewarts playing Jefferson Smith. I had entertained politics as a career before that internship. I graduated from Oklahoma Christian College in 1983 with a BA in History and American Studies. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1986. I never practiced law, but went into the family business of bridge construction in 1987 after briefly being employed at a large national insurance company.



During my childhood and early adulthood, I attended the Church of Christ at Cornwell Drive in Yukon, Oklahoma. It is this early upbringing that has shaped much of what I have become as a person. While I have traveled a different path than those that taught me their truths, to all of them I give thanks for the influence they have had on my life. On September 11, 2001, after watching the planes crash into the World Trade Centers, I began the initiation into the Catholic Church.

The central internal struggle of my life has always been a deep desire to connect with eternal truths but a deep skepticism to the answers provided by our society. If I were an apostle, I would most definitely be Thomas, who seeing a risen Jesus, still doubted. In fact, during a tour of The Archbascilica of St. John Lateran in Rome, during a brief hurried stop, I moved quickly to the statue of the Apostle Thomas and took a blurry picture. I received a few quizzical looks as to my seemingly odd behavior. By the way, in the statues of the Apostles presented in this cathedral, St. Thomas is the only one portrayed as completely bald. Who would have known.


I was married to my high school sweet heart, Linda Leigh Segress, on May 19, 1984. In 1988, 1990, and 1993, our three sons were born, Jake, Will, and Cody. Our children were raised and educated in Yukon. Our oldest son married Rebecca Willis in 2012 which has added a much-needed feminine balance to our family. All of our children have attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma, except the youngest, who will graduate next year. It is these people that have made my life joyful and meaningful, as well as eventful and fun. No possession or experience would have any value, if I had not been able to share it with these souls. It is to them that I dedicate the final chapters of my life.


My career as a bridge contractor spanned almost 25 years where I was owner of Plains Construction and later Plains Bridge Contracting. Under the tutelage of my parents, I started with 5 employees and grew to over 150 employees. We had a lot of success and some failures, but a prosperous life, nonetheless. I “retired” at the age of 50 after I sold the construction company. Like most business owners, I worked hard and worried often, but I would not have enjoyed any success without the many great people with whom I worked over the years. Let no one ever convince you otherwise, that people make companies successful.


I have been officially retired for the last four years. I work harder and make much less, but enjoy it immensely. We live on a 1,400 acre ranch with 400 cows, 40 horses, three cats, two donkeys, and eight to twelve dogs, depending on who is visiting. We have beautiful views of the night sky and two miles of river frontage on the South Canadian River. It is this proximity to nature, and the accompanying solitude, that has made all the difference in keeping me sane in our challenged world. My chief function on the ranch is making the place presentable.


While I have been a life long Republican, I am currently not mentally or emotionally moved by any particular party. I have an inherent traditional bias, but believe it is those of us who have prospered under our current economic and political system, that must be the ones who challenge the status quo. Ultimately, we must be the ones to bring the system to its knees for the common good of the country. In Presidential Elections I voted for Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Perot, Dole, Bush, Bush, Obama, and then in 2012, none of the above, as I didn’t vote. I am looking for a change agent, which our system to date, is incapable of producing.


I can be grouchy, which may be more about my age, or it may be me. I am not sure. I don’t generally hold grudges. I like to talk. I am friendly when you get to know me but I am not chatty with people otherwise. I like people generally, but animals more. I don’t like large crowds although I can pretend fairly effectively that I do. I am honest to a fault and direct. I don’t suffer fools much. I have a hard time with people who lie or are lazy. I work hard but need to learn to relax. When I am arguing, which I enjoy, my voice rises, {or does it raise?} and is often construed as anger, but it really is passionate exuberance. Our family is very vocal among ourselves even when we are in public. We freely discuss any and all issues, which often takes people aback. I am passionate about music, ideas, good movies, art, my dogs, and the beauty of nature. I am a Sagittarius, and have a dry sense of humor. My shoe size is…ok enough about me.