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BS Detector: Bush and Anchor Babies

During a recent talk with Hispanic groups on the Texas/Mexican border, Jeb Bush noted that the real problem with “anchor babies”, those babies born in the U.S. to foreign nationals, didn’t derive from the Mexican community, but from the Asian community. His comments got him in trouble with almost everyone. Discussing whether the time has come to change birthright citizenship is completely legitimate. Bush’s mistake is that he sought to convince this Hispanic group that his pronouncement didn’t apply to them. Why not?

Should it matter whether it’s a wealthy Asian or Mexican, who jets in to have a baby, or whether it’s a poor Mexican or Asian performing some dangerous, dirty, or menial job? Should they obtain this status without consideration as to whether their parents are here legally? Whether we choose to be more or less generous in granting citizenship, this is a decision for Americans to make, no other country or group. Jeb can’t have it both ways. His views are so clearly bent and distorted by these deep ties to the Hispanic community, that it doesn’t appear that he can be objective.

Likewise, the Asian community that is so hurt because the term “anchor baby” was used against their community, should lighten up. I didn’t see them screaming about this insensitive language when it was being used mainly against Hispanics. It isn’t a kind word, but it really isn’t about the babies. No child is going to be taunted the rest of their lives as an anchor baby.

This constant political correctness and victimhood is old and not helpful. It is just gotcha politics. If you really feel offended, try some forgiveness. As difficult as it may be to determine, truly offensive language should be evaluated based on the intent of the person. Just as our criminal law recognizes the state of mind when a criminal act is committed, let’s attempt to see what a person’s intent is when they stick their foot in their mouth. We are all prone to it. Not all actions have the same moral character and neither should words. The real truth is that most of the moral indignation visited upon us in the media is about power. Keep your group up in arms over the latest slight, and you can collect votes and money by swaying opinion and demonizing others.
If you listen to Jeb Bush, he wasn’t trying to offend anyone. He was merely using the joe six-pack way of talking about birthright citizenship. We want the issue to be discussed. Let’s debate it. Asians, or more properly those K Street P.R. types who thrust themselves into the spotlight as representatives of all Asians, should give up their pretend slights. I know it’s hard since you are paid so much to generate moral indignation. But at least try. As for Jeb, some consistency would be nice. What part of the term “Anchor Babies” seemed like a good idea in front of a Hispanic Group when Hispanics make up such a large and visible part of the illegal immigrant community? You couldn’t have made a better argument to undercut your open boarders immigration stand.


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