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BS Detector: Marco Rubio the Pander Bear

“Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority
and character increase as the importance of the
position increases”.   John Adams, 2nd President of the U.S.

 My Name is Marco Rubio and I Am Open For Business!

My Name is Marco Rubio and I Am Open For Business!

Pander- a pimp; someone who caters to or exploits the weaknesses of others; the act of expressing one’s views in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal

Of all the candidates seeking the Republican nomination, none strike me as more unauthentic than Marco Rubio.  As we say here on the ranch, this guy is all hat and no cattle.  His malleability is emblematic of what has so often worked in the past and which the political experts continue to counsel, which is to triangulate your message.  To the politicos, triangulation means to take the better of two positions and blend them together until it appears you have a new and novel position.  You can then appeal to both sides of an issue.

In common language triangulation is telling one group what they want to hear and then telling the next group what they want to hear.  However, the differences aren’t outright lies, but subtle distinctions that many voters don’t pick up on.  Here are some examples of this young fox’s tricks.

 Senator Marco Rubio from Florida

Senator Marco Rubio from Florida

On the issue of abortion, he says he is opposed to abortion except for cases of rape and incest. Yet he has voted for abortion legislation that didn’t include those exceptions. Those who favor one side or the other can point to real facts that support their view of the candidate’s intent. What is his real position?  Only he knows.

On immigration, he supported the broad based immigration reform of 2013 often referred to as amnesty.  Correctly reading the political winds, at least in the Republican Party, he has abandoned his support for that legislation.  But he recently co-sponsored legislation to triple the number H-1B Visas.  These are the high tech worker visas being pushed by Silicon Valley.  When pushed by a regular citizen on the matter, his response was that the legislation should be revisited to make sure these companies make a good attempt to hire American’s first.  I personally don’t trust that the Techies will do so, but it would seem that a U.S. Senator might make the protection of American workers the primary emphasis of his legislation rather than an afterthought.

When asked whether he would support Donald Trump if he became the Republican nominee Rubio stated, “I’m going to support the Republican nominee.  I believe the Republican nominee’s going to be someone that can win the general election.   And I don’t believe Donald can.”  But what if he does? Then you clearly won’t support the Republican nominee.  Can you get a more convoluted and disingenuous answer?

Marco Rubio is a good-looking, hard talking, ambitious career politician who would sell his soul to the devil to get elected.  He is a puppet who talks confidently but doesn’t seem to have an original thought.  He constantly frames issues with two possible variations often relying on his official position verses his personal preference.


 Who is Buying Marco Rubio's Hamburgers, Can You Say Billionaire?

Who is Buying Marco Rubio’s Hamburgers, Can You Say Billionaire?

He is a guy who can’t buy his own hamburger and is forced to charge it to his Florida Republican credit card.  Not surprisingly he is the choice of the billionaire Republican crowd.  Something is troublesome about a professional politician who is can’t afford to pay his own bills.  How can we expect him to resist big money?  More importantly, as the John Adam’s quote above suggests, because of the inherent corrupting influence of power, a candidate for President must have the character and moral authority to resist this corrupting influence.

The real irony is that the Tea Party elected him.  He fooled them once.  Let’s hope he doesn’t fool everyone else.  Rubio is the last chance for the “Republican Establishment” to get their man.  He looks good on the outside but his strength of character seems lacking.  In beer terminology, its what’s in the can that matters.   If the first President Bush is Budweiser, the second President Bush is Bud Light, and Jeb Bush is Bud Light Lime, then Marco Rubio is Keystone Light.  Keystone beer is considered the worst beer sold in the U.S. and the Senator doesn’t even rate regular Keystone.  He is the Lightweight of the Republican candidates.  But the can sure is pretty.

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