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Evangelist Pat Robertson has suggested that the recent stock market declines are attributable to the Planned Parenthood revelations concerning selling aborted babies and the cruel “humor” displayed by those recorded on hidden camera.  While I have certainly cringed and been horrified by those revelations, and while I am personally opposed to abortion, I can assure you that God is not punishing investors for this action.  If God decided to make his presence known today on this issue, he is a day late and a dollar short, since 50 million abortions have been performed (according to Robertson) since the legalization of abortion in 1973.  Further, why pick on those who play the stock market?  Are they more likely to have abortions? Are they more likely to support Planned Parenthood?  Are they bigger supporters of Roe v. Wade?  Who knows, I don’t, and neither does Pat Roberson.

God may work in mysterious ways, but complete non-causal, irrationality, wouldn’t seem to be the best way to communicate.  I feel almost bad to jump on the old guy since I don’t think he really believes what he is saying.  Also, I don’t want my tone to sound disrespectful of people’s faith.  But this is an example of what vexes our country.  We always blame some other person, cause, or entity, whenever something doesn’t go our way. This country is in for a rough ride in the years to come as Robertson points out which I wholeheartedly agree with.  But to attribute it to a supernatural cause is simply beyond anyone’s pay grade, especially, when we have perfectly reasonable causes for a stock market correction or collapse.  The stock market is going down, in my humble opinion, because a credit driven stock market bubble is bursting, because deflationary forces are asserting themselves worldwide, and because debt levels are approaching critical mass, not because of divine intervention.


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