Bunker Rules

Be Safe

 In my metaphor the Bunker represents all the real challenges we each face living on this planet.  For those in the U.S. we are concerned about money; finding love; what jobs should we pursue; how should we educate ourselves; do we have children; taxes; how do we define success in our lives; who do we support politically; and what does it really mean to be an American among a thousand other things.  The less fortunate in our country and other countries focus more on the immediate needs of food, clothing, shelter, and health issues.  We are all concerned with crime, war, threats to civil order, and climate and pollution problems.

The Bunker is the material, dog eat dog world of survival as each of us experiences it.  It is the brick and mortar, steel and concrete of our industrialized society.  The land, sea, and air of the place we call home.  It is the thousands of political, social, religious, economic, and family relationships we have with our fellow sojourners on this big, blue planet we call the Earth.

Be Kind

The esoteric portion of the metaphor is obviously an adjective of the object, the bunker.  Normally, in our use of language this would imply that the bunker is the more important element. This is not true.  The Bunker is merely the one most in our faces.  The esoteric portion is more elusive but ultimately more important.

Many use esoteric to suggest either unimportant philosophic ponderings or questions that might be important but ultimately unanswerable.   This is not the definition I am using.  Neither am I using the definition of esoteric that implies knowledge that is special, rare, or unusual and that is understood only by a smaller group of the initiated.  While I hope the knowledge is special, it won’t generally be rare, but rather it will be ideas that are more likely to be self-evident.  It will not be knowledge intended only for a select few.

Be as a page

Be as a page that aches for a word which speaks on a theme which is timeless.
I define esoteric as the non-material parts of our existence.  It is our mental narrative of the world we live in, our role in that narrative, and the ideas and images that define and give meaning to that world.  It is our hopes, our dreams, the ideas and emotions that move us.  It is art, music, and literature as we experience them in our hearts.  It is the philosophies of life we come to understand through our experience.  It is our beliefs and commitments to the religious institutions that give us comfort, purpose, and belonging.  It is the spiritual emotions we experience by being in the presence of nature, being at the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one.   It is all the ethereal, right brain, pie-in-the-sky, woo-woo, topics that many dismiss.

It is, unfortunately for many, the less practical and less useful stuff of life.  But is that really correct?  Is our problem that we can’t figure out how to manipulate our environment or is it that we can’t figure out how to be kind and cooperative with each other?  I believe our central problem is the way we think.  It is only in challenging our thinking that our chance for a better world exists.

This brings us to the third part of the Esoteric Bunker metaphor.  Our thinking often serves us wrong in our view of reality because we misidentify the source of the conflict and the confusion presented to us.   It is my conviction that most people in the world are not only kind and cooperative, but that this kindness and cooperative inclination is their default nature.  So how do we explain the chaotic nature of the planet and the role of our country in that world?

Leave it like you found it

I believe a super elite cadre of individuals have come to effectively control our country for the benefit of the few against the common good of the American people.  This group primarily includes the banks and large corporations, with the military, media, and political institutions as their toadies.  They have divided the American people by creating perpetual conflict, sowing seeds of fear, buying us off with “benefits”, and manipulating our values to their advantage.  Compounding this capturing of our nation is that technology is greatly enhancing their effectiveness in achieving these exploitations.
In total they have sold us a bill of goods we don’t need, don’t want, and don’t value, but can’t seem to resist.  So why aren’t we able to follow the better angels of our nature?  Simple, we have been divided and conquered.  As Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  But there is hope.  Our freedom may be an illusion, but so is their power to enslave us.  When we change the way we think about things, the things we think about will change. The decision, as always, is yours. Thou Mayest!