Darren’s Biography

Darren Bond

Founder and CEO

Darren Bond is a 4 th generation Oklahoman who has lived in various towns across the
state, but primarily grew up and raised his own family in Yukon, Oklahoma. His post
high school education includes graduating from Oklahoma Christian University in 1983
with a BA in History and American Studies as well as graduating from the University of
Oklahoma College of Law in 1986. A formative summer was also spent in Washington,
D.C. in 1980 serving as a Congressional intern while attending The Institute of
Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University.

Darren’s career path has included 30 years as an owner in two bridge construction
firms, Plains Bridge Contracting and Treas Construction. He has also served in
numerous roles including Presidency of the Oklahoma Association of General
Contractors. He also owns Big Creek Homes and Development. For the past 9 years
Darren has lived on a ranch south of Asher, Oklahoma where he started Esoteric
Bunker Productions, an entertainment content producer. His greatest joy in life is his
wife of 36 years, his three sons, two daughters-in-laws, and his two grandchildren, plus
more pets than a reasonable person should have.

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Free Spirit & Mind!

A safe place to be yourself and express your feelings.

Ein Haufen

These are objectionable opinions, actions, or comments, that are by their very nature common, everyday, and ordinary. This varietal is characterized by a fat and flabby consistency that results more from poor research and sloppy writing. Its natural aroma stems from the reasoning being second class and the facts sloppily gathered. While it may have a hint of culpability, it is more likely the result of an off day that imparts its earthy bouquet. But while we are dealing with an Average Joe BS, and not a Bill Shakespeare or Albert Einstein BS, make no mistake, that when it is stepped into, it is more than just your mediocre error. Otherwise it wouldn’t rise to our attention. Contrary to popular thinking, the female varietal differs only in name. It is offered less frequently due to its less forceful resonance.

Merde de Chevel

This varietal has most of the components of its Bovine barn mate. However, it doesn’t merely transgress through inaccuracy or lazy reasoning, it brings a fiery anger into its poorly structured essence. The much livelier finish of this equine varietal suggests purpose, planning, agenda. It may not be the A Team promulgating this varietal, but it is certainly no rookie. While ordinary connoisseurs can easily detect the bouquet of Bullshit, Horseshit takes a professional to dissect its “almost” exotic nature. Like its host, the horse, it is much more athletic, jumpy, and hard to control, but when properly saddled, it can get you to your destination lickety-split. If and only if, it is ridden by an experienced propagandist.

Perro Mierda

This varietal is not for the faint of heart. With the liveliest finish, the strongest structure, yet the subtlety of a yet ungraspable and exotic balance, only those steeped in the lore of the conspiracy can ferret out these offerings. The big, bold, bawdy, nature of this varietal confuses many people, as its obvious brashness, leads many to suspect a hilarious buffoonery. This variety is so complex, that its willful intentionality, and total disregard for decency, obscures its purpose for most. The common folk can’t grasp something this deceitful, so they laugh it off as comical and thus harmless. The intelligentsia, who should be equipped intellectually to understand big picture offerings, can’t contemplate that a varietal of this sophistication could exist. If the education and experience of the best and brightest is unable to prepare them for the possibilities of this varietals true bouquet, then it might mean that they have been outsmarted by the true puppet masters. This is not a varietal to be toyed with. Only persons steeped in the lore of the conspiracy can be trusted to understand this varietals depth.