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Enlightenment = Mind Change Squared {Artwork on Front of E-Bunker T-Shirt}

Enlightenment = Mind Change Squared {Artwork on Front of E-Bunker T-Shirt}

Bunker Outreach:

The Esoteric Bunker is meant to be a means for people to join hands and work for a better country and world. It is not intended to be a mechanism to obtain wealth, fame, or ego gratification. If any of our concepts or opinions resonate with you, then I ask that you get involved. No one person can carry the weight. I offer this platform, so that we can change our thinking, reform the institutions each of us are involved with, have fun, be inspired, and live well.

While I take political stands, I don’t expect you to agree with me. Don’t drink the kool-aid just because it is a strange new color and flavor. If we agree on everything, then we have agreed on nothing. Perfect clarity is the haven for cults, not freedom loving citizens. The goal is to cultivate options that are clear, and facts that are real, so we can make honest choices based on our values. It is our values manifested in our political choices that matter. Because at the end of the day, people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

Quote on Back of Esoteric Bunker T-Shirt

Quote on Back of Esoteric Bunker T-Shirt


  1. Non-Partisan Policy Papers: This idea involves two parts. First, one group of people would organize how the policy papers are going to be developed and presented to the public, so that the results are fair, honest, and credible. The presentation should be clear and concise, but have multiple layers of detail. It should enable people to understand the committee’s reasoning and what they concluded. When needed, majority and minority conclusions would be shown. Then individual groups who have expertise, interest, or passion on a given issue, would work on the their topics, presenting those to the public and updating the conclusions as warranted.
  2. Guest Columns: Bunker Outreach invites anyone who wants to write a guest column consistent with the site’s core principle and code of conduct to do so.
  3. Editing: I greatly need assistance in editing my scribble and improving and adding to the website.
  4. Podcast: I need talented persons who would like to do creative audio or video work for the podcast and or people who want to work on technical aspects of content creation. We are also willing to produce your creative content consistent with our message.
  5. Interviews: I need people to interview. I start with a number of people I want you to hear, but you will know of people that are equally worthy.
  6. Art: Bunker Outreach needs artists who want to contribute some aspect of their talent to the effort. I would love to have art shows at the bunker for the public.
  7. Charitable Events: The needs are everywhere and growing. We want to help.
  8. Prayer Groups: I have always liked the notion of a large group of people praying together, for a common purpose, outdoors under the sky while the sun is setting, or the stars are shining. The silence of people in prayer, meditation, or quiet contemplation is moving. I also believe it can be effective in the world and in the people participating. But you don’t have to believe any of that. This activity is not meant to be theological in any sense and people of all persuasions would be welcome. If you come for the company or the cookies, that is just as good, either way a feeling of unity prevails.
  9. Concerts: Bunker Outreach would like to develop concerts at the ranch. The genre of music would vary. The guests invited would vary. Some could be free and others could be paid for by participants or underwritten by citizens. Our goal on concerts would never be to make money for the Bunker Outreach, but to at least pay for the expenses. If we were to choose to make money, it would be for a defined purpose, which we would clearly express. These ideas would of course apply to any of the efforts listed on this page.
  10. Music: We would like to develop an album of Oklahoma Artists with songs that express the concepts on the site.
  11. Governing Board: We would gladly invite a group of people to help govern the activities of the Bunkers Outreach if the need arises.
  12. Gray Champions: There are some among you who are ready to lead. You know who you are. You are the person who has all the qualities needed to be a true public servant. A person who is brave enough to speak, but humble enough to serve.
    • The politician already in office who perceives the insanity of our government, but continues to keep quiet.
    • The politician out of office who knows how to bring down the “powers that be” but doesn’t.
    • The businessman who has the prosperity to self-finance a run for public office and who beholding to no group, commits to fix the country and then retire when the mission is accomplished.
    • The Native American leader who can remind all of us about the legacy of living in harmony with the land.
    • The community leader who can speak forcefully about seeking justice for their group while demanding that its members become responsible for the actions and outcomes of their lives.
    • The academic who is tenured, or retired, who can stand up and speak nobly to our greatest hopes and our real history.
    • The schoolteacher who can touch the hearts and minds of the younger generation as that generation confronts the nation’s challenges.
    • The farmer who can confront the issues of the day with the inherent decency, simplicity, and common sense, that comes from working the land.
    • The soldier or sailor who can speak to our veterans and our troops that the greatest threat to our freedoms come from within the nation and not from without.
    • The list could go on forever. Many of our best people are waiting in the wings to serve. They need our support and encouragement, because the hour of our Republic’s greatest crisis has arrived.
  13. Debates: Academic or political leaders who want a venue to debate the important issues of day are welcome. But our youth also need to be involved. Bunker Outreach would like to have debates with our high school students and college students on specific issues. They bring a fresh view to issues, and more importantly, they need to be involved, as they will live with our successes and our failures.
  14. Guest Lectures: People with important or just interesting information are welcome. We need to have our minds stretched just for the exercise.
  15. Social Media: I am not savvy in the ways of social media nor am I disposed to change that inclination. But many of you are and can get the message out.
  16. Support: Most of you can cook, clean, organize, shuffle, call, encourage, lick envelopes, drive, deliver, close doors, turn off lights, etc. All help is honorable and appreciated.
  17. involved3Name the Statue: Help name the hand statue. One suggestion has been “Man with Too Much Time on His Hand.” Please be charitable in your responses or at least very funny.
  18. Fill in the Blank:


Einstein said that you can’t judge a fish by his ability to fly, nor can I judge anyone’s contribution as more or less important. All of us are special and have something to contribute. Over and over, most of us have chosen to remain uninvolved. We feel powerless. But courage should be the order of the day. What we see arrayed against us, is really what is portrayed to be against us. We are in control of our thoughts and actions.

I can do very few of these efforts by myself. This takes involvement and commitment on your part. I do not want your money, your mind, or your gratitude. I do want your opinions, your time, your help, and a small piece of your heart. Am I worthy of your involvement? I am not. But it is not about me. It is about US!

I do know that if our country is to become what we all hope it can be, but we must get involved. As important, this involvement must seek to bridge our differences, so that those differences are not used against us. If we check our egos at the door, choose to work together, then we can accomplish anything. One of these days, when you look back on your life, and your grandchildren are sitting on your lap, they will ask you what you did during the CRISIS? What will you say? Oh, I went fishing or I fought for the common good of my nation and humanity. The decision, as always, is yours. Thou Mayest!

“But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—‘Thou mayest’— that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if ‘Thou mayest’—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.”

East of Eden, John Steinbeck

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