The season of our discontent is upon the American Nation.  From the left, Bernie Sanders supporters, many of the old Occupy Wall Streeters, are yelling, cursing, and spitting upon Donald Trump supporters.  Trump supporters return the favor sometimes with a punch to the nose.  Black Lives Matter are angry with everyone, to such a degree that one black “lady” accosted a young white man because he was wearing dreadlocks.  Frankly, we are all mad as hell and we have collectively decided that we aren’t going to take it anymore, the same rant made famous by Howard Beale, the character in the 1976 movie Network. Please listen to Peter Finch’s character and ask yourself if that doesn’t resonate with the way you feel.

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The Trump Sensibility:

This was a time in our country when we were experiencing an AWAKENING as referenced in Core Principle #8 The Seasons of our Discontent.  This is a disruptive time in history when the old established order is being displaced.  But in   the 1960’s and 1970’s, nothing replaced the existing order.  Our society remained divided.  So for three decades our country unraveled.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost with anti-establishment sensibilities that are coming from the left and from the right.

The modern version of this rant was made in the HBO TV show The Newsroom by the actor Jeff Daniels through his character, Will McAvoy.

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The Bernie Sensibility:

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My challenge to you is to think about who the real enemy is?  Is it that Bernie Sanders supporter?  The Black Lives supporter?  The Trump supporter?  I am firmly convinced it is not.  This doesn’t suggest that any of these groups have all the correct policies, or act kindly, or even understand completely what they oppose.  What they represent is real determination, on the part of real people, that the system is rigged, not supportive of most Americans interests, and must be obliterated.

I wish we could get rid of political parties.  But since we probably can’t, we need two genuine parties, which present authentic agendas for the citizens to vote for or against.  What we have is two branches of one party, THE MONEY PARTY.  The time for small measures is over.  All prior assumptions are meaningless.  We have hard times ahead of us.  So get mad as hell and determine to yourself that you will not take it anymore.  Determine to make America greater than it is.

 The Burden is Only as Heavy as you Believe it to Be!

The Burden is Only as Heavy as you Believe it to Be!

But as suggested in Core Principle #9, Surrender but Never Give Up, don’t let the anger get the best of you.  Become an interested but unaffected participant.  You are the only one who gets to decide how you FEEL about the insanity you see running amok in the world. Smile when you see the craziness of the political circus because you are in on the joke that the political chaos is a necessary step to break the power of both parties.  We can’t have spring until we have suffered through winter.  Enjoy your suffering, or better yet, change the way you think about things and the things you think about will change!

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