Mission Statement

Mission Statement:  #1.  Bridging Differences
It is our goal to attempt to bridge the differences, real and imagined, which divide us by emphasizing our common humanity, history, and beliefs.  We are willing to talk about any worthy topic even if it falls into a category polite company would avoid.  What undermines understanding, is not the discussion, but the tone and tenor of the discussion.  Consequently, our goal is to keep it friendly but serious.

Mission Statement:  #2.  Raising Spirits
Our life is experienced in the “real” world.  But how we choose to feel about that reality takes place in our minds.    We all must decide whether the world is a friendly place or an unfriendly place.  It is our intent to interject perspective on the issues of the day while encouraging balance in our inner world.  The sensationalism of the media creates a cloud of uncertainty and anger that we tend to internalize.  Only you can determine what is important and relevant to your life.  However, we don’t have to emotionally experience every tragedy, political shenanigan, or illustration of human imperfection, because our emotional investment can’t change what happens.  Your calm commitment to act and not just standby is what is critical. Our commitment is to balance the good with the bad, keep proper perspective on what we can control, and laugh as often and as loud as possible at those absurdities we all see.

Mission Statement:  #3 Speaking Truth to Power
This statement assumes that we all should speak the truth and attempt to understand what is true.  But what we find to be true must be spoken to those in positions of power.  If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then our democratic institutions can only be effective if those in power know we have the information, the good sense, and the strength of character, to make that truth known, and to act upon that truth for the good of all.