Do Not Become That Which You Oppose

Sacrificing the values that define you for a good cause cannot bring real victory.  If division is the enemy, dividing cannot be the answer.  Building bridges is the answer.  If war is the problem, violence cannot be the answer.  Peaceful resistance, compassionately displayed is the answer.  If selfishness and greed are the concerns, then looking out for your best interests cannot be the answer.  Heartfelt sacrifice for the good of others is the answer.  If dishonesty is the problem, responding with half-truths or falling into self-deception cannot be the answer.  Openly and fairly seeking the truth is the answer.  Our ego’s tell us to do to others what they have done to us.  But most of us see the superiority of the golden rule, doing unto others what we would want them to do to us. If we become that which we oppose, then we abandon the moral high ground and the real basis for lasting change.