Principle 05: I Am the Problem, I Am the Solution

Our chief individual and collective fault derives from our acceptance of the world as it is. We allow “it”. We elect our political leaders year after year and wonder why nothing changes. We demand fiscal responsibility unless it negatively impacts us. How many people would want their aging parents to move into their homes if social security or Medicare were cut? We want our veterans properly treated but we rarely question the foreign entanglements and wars that kill and maim them. We allow banks to make profits in good times, but then bail out those same banks when they get in financial trouble because they are “systemically” important. Socialized costs shared by all of us while the profits are privatized.

We need to develop a radical sense of responsibility. No one owes anyone anything. Self-reliance is its own reward. Choose to think for yourself and be independent. Thinking for yourself, has as its primary obligation, accepting that the “way things are”, is only possible, if you refuse to see the truth, and fail to act. Do not blindly accept truth from those in authority. Your only authority is your conscience. Give up the resentments and the blame for all political and personal wrongs. No one is responsible for making you happy, content, safe, or profitable. Your resentments, however justified, cannot change someone else’s actions or thoughts. More importantly your resentments only hurt you. We, individually and collectively, are the problem, but we are also the solution.

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