Principle 06: The Middle Must Hold

A middle class is a vital characteristic of any Republic. History is replete with rulers and those ruled. But an independent class of free people with the means to live a life without being dependent on others is unique. How can we expect people to truly exercise their rights if they are dependent on others for their income, food, shelter, health-care? We cannot be Roman plebes bought off with bread and circuses. A free people must have meaningful resources to live and thus exercise their constitutionally protected rights, or they are slaves.

Likewise, we must confront the irrefutable fact that so many people in the world have a level of income that barely allows them to survive, much less gives them an opportunity to develop meaningful democratic institutions. If we believe that all men are endowed with those self-evident rights, would it not be our obligation to improve the condition of the desperate? Besides, much of the poverty found in third world countries is related to the constant conflict brought about by differing countries, corporations, and ideologies, seeking to access the resources of these poor countries. If these countries are to have a fighting chance, with us as their champion, then the backbone of this country, the middle class, must control America’s destiny.

Common cause against the global oligarchs is natural. The inherent decency of a truly, free people who control their destiny, who seek to live in peace, and who desire a world where all God’s children are cared for, would be a beacon of hope for those left behind. If the global robber barons complete the destruction of the American middle class, then what hope is there for these impoverished souls who need our practical support and our democratic inspiration?

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