Principle 09: Surrender But Never Give Up

On a daily basis, we all confront personal challenges and the emotions that go with those challenges.  A cacophony of information floods our brains from the “connected” nature of modern life: a phone call; the television; an email; a tweet; a text; a podcast; the radio; a billboard; and even someone’s voice.  Constantly, someone demands that we buy this product, confront this issue, think this way, or worry about this problem.  Pulled in so many directions, we then gravitate toward a level of constant anxiety. We then just choose to mentally bug out and ignore the world around us or we fall into familiar patterns.

Plainly visible within our spiritual traditions are the solutions to this cognitive dissonance.    Each of us needs to learn to surrender our anger and frustration while remaining committed to the struggle of life within a broader community.  We are not in control and never have been.  Our goal should be to develop an inner peace, that allows us to surrender the ego’s need for control, but doesn’t give up our will to think and resist domination by others.  Be in the world, but not of the world.  Find the peace that passes all understanding.

It would be completely presumptuous of me to articulate the best manner for each of you to find that peace. This eternal quest can only be satisfied by each individual seeker.  But that noble quest, can certainly be a journey we all cherish, and use for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.  Seeking, finding, and using this peace cannot be compartmentalized.  You can’t be at peace with yourself, your friends, and your family and be at war with whom you disagree or oppose.  By surrendering an emotional attachment to a given outcome, while remaining steadfast in our quest for a better world, we will be able to emotionally survive, come what may.

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