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Resolved: The People Demand Clear Information

communication-project-managerOur founding fathers in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution included the Freedom of the Press to ensure that people could question the actions and words of the government. This freedom is essential to counterbalance the power and authority of the government as well as to provide basic information to inform the citizenry. Nothing can depict the recklessness, depravity, deceit, or the arrogance of government edicts better than when the press demonstrates that the “emperor” has no clothes.

One of the chief challenges we face today is that traditional media is overwhelmingly controlled by corporate media giants. The national media, where most Americans still get a large degree of their news, can in no way be considered independent. If you think someone on NBC news can run a story about how General Electric (its owner until just recently) doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes and influences policy for its benefit behind closed doors against the common interest of Americans, you are sadly mistaken.

“…traditional media is overwhelmingly controlled by corporate media giants.”

When you get the partisan options of the more “conservative” voice of Fox and the more “liberal” voice of MSNBC, you are still forced to view the debate in the traditional Republican/Democratic paradigm. This approach is flawed because that paradigm is flawed. We don’t need more or less of the other parties solutions, we need a new, third way of looking at issues. It is not that all of the issues or solutions offered by the parties are universally wrong. It is that you cannot affect consequential change because the parties are pitted against each other in a rigid and impractical view of the world that prevents thinking outside the box. Each party is constrained by their ideological blinders as the same puppet masters control them.

Finally, the secrecy that has enveloped the government, as recently demonstrated by the revelations of the National Security Agency, prevents clear information from being provided to the public. Top secret, compartmentalized, black budgets prevent us from knowing fully what motivates our government and what it is actually doing. Not surprisingly, we hear of HARP, chemtrails, drone strikes, FEMA camps, gun control, torture, false flag events etc. and wonder is there more to these topics than meets the eye? Whether or not there are grand conspiracies involved, the trust of the people is steadily and significantly eroded.

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